Feed Your Deepest Desires

What is missing in your life?

Is there a desire you have never satisfied, a feeling you have never experienced, a thing you dream about late at night, a dark secret you share only with yourself?

Have you tried to find sexual awakening in the arms of someone new, only to find them not up to your fantasy? Can you imagine a woman for whom you are the fantasy, and making your every dream come true is their ultimate aphrodisiac?

Welcome to Fetish Travel Escort. A unique opportunity - perhaps in the history of the world.

Women, real women who own their own sexuality, thrive in the power and energy of unlocking deep sexual desires with a new partner. You will not believe the experience. You will become addicted to the care and awakening they give you.

Enter at your own risk.


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Berlin, Zürich
Köln, Frankfurt
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What is a session with a professional submissive like?

Simply put, there is no set format for the typical session.

Do you desire a dark, intense, even disturbing scene? Perhaps something more light-hearted with the laughter and ease of old friends? Or do you desire a night of hedonism and sensual pleasures? From short, intense scenes that leave you gasping for breath to the luxury of being whisked off to a decadent land of fantasies, our Artists are eager to listen to your deepest desires and adept at breathing them to life.

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BDSM Sub zu sein, bedeutet für mich, Urlaub zu machen von mir selbst, wie ich mich kenne. Mich dabei zu verlieren in befreiender Ekstase.